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    Class Council

    Culture of open communication and constructive feedback.

    The Class Council for each class generally convenes once a week. Within this forum the school children can discuss current class issues, or concerns and challenges within the class. The Class Council is a training ground for open communication and constructive, sympathetic interaction.


    Participation through class representatives

    Each class is represented in the ElementaRat by an elected member. The ElementaRat consults on ideas and suggestions from the classes and develops ideas for their implementation. This means the ElementaRat can help shape the Elementa school community and school-house culture. In the ElementaRat, they learn to formulate their own thinking, to discuss and weigh things up in a committee environment, and also respect the opinions and interests of others. Projects implemented by the ElementaRat include designing the playground, seasonal school-building decoration, organising sledging and other activities, and plenty more.