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Sunday, 8 December 2019
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School programme

School programme


    Small class sizes allow us to support and encourage our school pupils in
    primary classes 1 to 6 on a focused, individual basis.

    At Elementa, we choose to teach and learn in classes of mixed ages – and it pays off. 
    In addition to bright, spacious classrooms and shared learning rooms, each class has its own group room.

    The class and subject teachers at every level work closely together as a small team and regularly share their experiences. With elected representatives of each class on the Pupils’ Council, Elementa’s schoolchildren are actively involved.


    Our children learn English from class 1 onward.
    We consider languages to be of fundamental importance.

    Elementa primary school follows the Swiss education system’s Lehrplan 21 (Curriculum 21) and corresponding timetable. In addition, our children follow an extended curriculum, which we use to encourage gifted pupils, provide English lessons from class 1 and implement exciting projects in the area of digital media and IT.

    Apart from foreign-language classes, all lessons are in German.
    Children with English as a mother tongue receive separate lessons for ‘English Natives’.

    Our school prepares all its pupils for optimum entry to secondary level and grammar-school equivalents in the Swiss education system.


    Promoting gifted pupils

    Presentation skills reinforce self-confidence.
    Strengthen strengths - promoting talent.

    Our credo and motto, ‘Strengthen strengths. Learn to learn.’ guides us in every aspect of individual support for gifted and inquisitive children.
    We work with the SEM (Schoolwide Enrichment Model, devised by Joe Renzulli and Sally Reis), which regards the school as a place for developing talent.

    Working with research questions, our ExperimEnta Club, mixed-age and cooperative learning approach, coaching plans, portfolio work and our exciting project weeks are just a few of our concept tools for discovering and promoting children’s individual strengths and talents.

    The children regularly present their works and projects to a school-internal as well as public audience. This builds presentation skills in an age-appropriate, enjoyable and sustainable way. The shared pleasure in learning achievements and a successful presentation increases the child’s self-confidence and motivation to learn.

    Our lesson planning features networked learning – we connect the individual subjects, games, sport and leisure time to form a thematic whole, wherever possible. This makes school and lessons relevant and true to life.


    Remedial teaching 

    Individual support with targeted encouragement.

    At Elementa, we don’t have homework. The children work on their school exercises during lesson time – individually supported by teaching staff. This gives children and their families scope to use their leisure time how they wish, resulting in a more relaxed family life.

    We also offer individual lessons such as remedial tuition and German as a second language. This provides additional support to children in their individual learning processes and personal development. The lessons are taught by expert staff who focus on the resources and requirements of the individual child.