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distance learning 2020

distance learning 2020

    Back to school

    On Monday, 11th May 2020 we started the school lessons again in our Elementa.


    And suddenly everything changed...

    Dear Readers,

    The corona situation has significantly changed our everyday school and family life especially since 16th March 2020. As a school and as parents, our main challenge resolved around: DISTANCE LEARNING.
    Our children have been taught using electronic media ever since 20 March 2020, and emergency care has been set up for children of parents in system-relevant professions.
    Thanks to the cooperation and mutual support of teachers and supervisiors, parents and of course the eager-to-learn, curious and creative school children in particular, distance learning has been successful. Of course we all miss our Elementa Family, since personal contact cannot be replaced by video conferences, emails or telephone calls. However, everyone learns new ways of learning and thinking through this extraordinary situation, to become creative, to dare new things, to collaborate more closely, and in doing so, we all make personal experiences that teaches us valuable lessons that go beyond a regular school curriculum. 

    The credo of Elementa "Strengthen strengths. Learn to learn." never seems to apply better than today.


    Impressions: distance learning

    We are simply amazed by the creative and touching submissions of our school children that they made in order to encourage each other and the teachers throughout the distance learning period. These papers and submitted works are often not directly related to the school material - and this is of fundamental importance to us, in accordance with our educational mission to pursue curiosity and lifelong learning, social interaction, imagination and lateral thinking, lived creativity and the discovery of hidden talents.

    Have fun and best wishes!

    English task from distance learning.

    We look forward to Easter!

    All sorts of colourful things around Easter and spring.

    6th grade thank-you letters

    The school children thank the staff in the hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes for their daily work. 

    You can read a selection of letters here:

    Poems about distance learning

    Impressions: Supervision 

    Happy news from the supervision team

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    In emergency care we cook, bake and eat together.

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    We were pleasently surprised to find this gift from our children in distance learning: delicious self-made pasta for our teachers and supervisors!

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    We received a giant Easter egg at Easter from the children in emergency care!

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    Many things can be baked from sweet dough!

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    Dear children, we are happy to welcome you soon again at Elementa. Please find below our words to you. Warm greetings from your care team :-)